SICSA and the Sustainable Society

Annual Conference - 1 October 2020

Welcome from the Director of SICSA

Digitalisation of our economies and societies proceeds apace. With this, we see huge challenges and opportunities for research and innovation. But we also know that ill-considered growth and development will lead to catastrophe. So, our Research and Innovation needs to be responsible and directed to nurturing a world that is fit for our kids to grow up in. This is hard enough in our own societies where inequality and exclusion are rife, but then consider the challenge of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals… COVID makes all this more complex but it prompts reflection.

The SICSA Conference provides space for reflection on the direction of Scottish research in our field and its contribution to Sustainable Societies.

This year the SICSA Conference is co-locating with ScotSoft which will allow our delegates to access elements of the ScotSoft event throughout the day. I would also like to thank Amazon Development Scotland for generously sponsoring our inaugural Best PhD Thesis award.  

Professor Stuart Anderson, Director of SICSA