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Dr Elizabeth Churchill

Dr. Elizabeth F. Churchill, UX Director, Google

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Dr Elizabeth F. Churchill is a Director of UX at Google. She is a member of the ACM’s CHI Academy, and an ACM Fellow, Distinguished Scientist, and Distinguished Speaker. With a background in psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, she draws on social, computer, engineering and data sciences to create innovative end-user applications and services.

Her current focus is on the design of effective designer and developer tooling. She has built research teams at Google, eBay, Yahoo, PARC and FujiXerox. Elizabeth holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and honorary doctorates from the University of Sussex and the University of Stockholm.

Professor Sally Fincher

Professor Sally A. Fincher

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Educational Resilence

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Sally Fincher is Professor of Computing Education in the School of Computing at the University of Kent where she leads the Computing Education Research Group. Her work is centrally concerned with the teaching and learning of Computing, with particular emphasis on teachers and teaching practices. She has worked on several major computing education projects including the Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research, published February 2019.

She is Vice -Chair of the UKI SIGCSE Chapter; a National Teaching Fellow; a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a link in the chain of Maths and Computing Suffrage Science.